People will ask us, why Labrute? Why not “The Brute”? Why not just "Brute" or "Brut"?


As you already know, a brute is defined as being an animal considered in its wild instincts or a person of total lack of culture, a lack of sensitivity approaching the animal. Which obviously we don't want to represent. But a brute can also be defined as a person with great physical strength. Why not redefine this name with a term that brings together all the positive aspects of a brut(e)?
LABRUTE: It’s a term that means a person with great physical strength but also with excellent mental strength. This term represents people who are confident, calm and relaxed. They are charged with positive emotions, particularly resistant and show a fighting spirit. They show great concentration and presence of mind.



It's like combining "Brute" with "Strength". This expression is literally used to mean the physical power of a human, but being the best version of yourself starts with the power of your mind!
Mental toughness is a positive psychological variable linked to success, with psychologically beneficial properties that go beyond accepting and managing anxiety, to finding opportunities for personal development and growth. 


Commitment + Challenge + Control + Trust = Success


With Labrute, we want you to surpass yourself and to believe in yourself, because the most important person is "you"!


It starts from now! Your life, your choices, your success!