Our bio-molecular materials derived from natural plant resources such as edible corn and potatoes by degradable process. All compostable products are suitable for various waste treatment methods; natural decomposition, composting and incineration biodegrade completely to water and carbon dioxide, with zero pollution to the natural ecology.
Our compostable biodegradable black poly mailer bags can be decompose in an ideal 60 to 180 days composting environment versus the common packaging at 100 years. The white polybag is also made from corn starch and can be decompose between 3 to 5 years. It can also be reused and recycled. 


The climate challenge is very real in our society and for this reason, Labrute must do its part as a company but also as a human being. In order to contribute to environmental changes, the quality of the products offered by Labrute is essential. For this, it will promote the slow production of high-end clothing and tailoring. These products will be of superior quality in order to reduce the loss of unnecessary clothing and two to four collections per year will be produced by this brand, unlike “fast fashion” which produces between 12 and 36 per year. Using fabrics created from recycled, natural and/or organic materials as much as possible for its clothing is also a priority for Labrute in order to reduce pollution and save energy.


Supporting ethical clothing production are very important for our brand. Our clothing manufacturer have code of conduct that paid fair wages higher than standard, encourage employees from different religious backgrounds and culture, received paid overtime and paid holidays, no forced labor or child labor, work between monday to friday, offering lunch and one-hour break is provided to all of employees, providing good working conditions and some have also access to health insurance.
Our manufacturer creates also ethically made fashion products throught ethical and sustainable practices for product developement in order to minimize waste and reduce carbon emissions througth some measures.


 "Remember, the important thing isn't to know everything, but to apply what you know, one step at a time!"


Let's learn and change things together !